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Allan E. Fulton

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Irrigation and Water Resources Advisor emeritus
UC Cooperative Extension Glenn County
821 E. South Street
Orland, CA 95963
(530) 527-3101 Create VCard

Also in:
Shasta County
Tehama County


M.S. Plant and Soil Science, Irrigation, Colorado State University. 1986

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Peer Reviewed

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  • Forero, L.; Fulton, A. (2013) Low Cost Methods of Measuring Diverted Water.
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  • Schwankl, L.; Fulton, Allan, et al. (2010). "Using EM 38 and VERIS Technology to Assess Land Suitability for Orchard and Vineyard Development." Journal of Irrigation Science

Non-Peer Reviewed

  • Fulton, Allan (2018). Pressure Chamber – Does It Have A Place In Your Tool Box? Progressive Crop Consultant. JCS Marketing Publication.
  • Fulton, Allan (2017). Walnuts: when to begin the irrigation season. West Coast Nut. March 2017. pp. 4-13.
  • California Round Table on Water and Food Supply (2011). Agricultural Water Stewardship: Recommendations to Optimize Outcomes for Specialty Crop Growers and the Public in California. Ag Innovations Network. June 2011.

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