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Dr. Daniel J. Geisseler

Cooperative Extension Specialist in Nutrient Management
LAWR / PES Building
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
530-754-9637 Create VCard



My research focuses on nutrient turnover and plant nutrition in agricultural systems. I am interested in the effects that different management practices have on nutrient use in California crops and how nutrient use efficiency can be improved, particularly with nitrogen.

Applying the right amount of nitrogen to crops is challenging. Limited nitrogen availability can decrease crop yields, while excess nitrogen can leach into the groundwater in the form of nitrate. I focus on nitrogen turnover in soil and ways to improve our ability to quantify the amount of nitrogen that becomes available over time from organic sources, such as soil organic matter, crop residues, and animal manure. The ultimate goal is to develop accurate, user-friendly tools for growers to support their nutrient management decisions.


Nutrient management in crop production

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