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Mark Battany

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Water Management and Biometeorology Advisor
Cooperative Extension San Luis Obispo County
2156 Sierra Way
Suite C
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 781-5948 Create VCard

Also in:
Santa Barbara County


M.S. Hydrologic Sciences, UC Davis. 1997
B.S. Agronomy, Colorado State University. 1994


  • Outstanding Research Distinguished Service Award
    Presented by University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources,  2014


Water management, soil management, soil salinity, frost protection, climate and weather evaluation, weather stations and sensors, grapes and viticulture.

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Peer Reviewed

  • Battany, Mark C (2023). An evaluation of the temperature inversion conditions to determine the usefulness of wind machines for frost protection in Mendoza, Argentina. Acta Hortic. 1370, 137-144.
  • Marigliano, Lauren; Yu, Runze; Torres, Nazareth; Tanner, Justin; Battany, Mark; Kurtural, Sahap Kaan (2022). Photoselective Shade Films Mitigate Heat Wave Damage by Reducing Anthocyanin and Flavonol Degradation in Grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) Berries. Frontiers in Agronomy. 4, 14.
  • Rowhani A, et al (2021). Incidence and genetic diversity of grapevine Pinot gris virus in California, USA. American Journal of Enology and Viticulture. 72.
  • Alfredo Diaz-Lara, Vicki Klaassen (2018). Characterization of grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 genetic variants and application towards RT-qPCR assay design. PLOS ONE. 13:12. 12/12/2018.
  • Battany, M.C. and G.N. Tindula (2018). Paso Robles vineyard irrigation study provides benchmark data to assist future area groundwater management. California Agriculture. 72:1. January - March.
  • Battany, M.C. (2017). . Portable towers provide insight on frost characteristics and predict benefits of wind machines. Proceedings of the 20th International Meeting of Viticulture GiESCO, Mendoza Argentina, Nov. 5 – Nov. 9, 2017. P. 815-818.
  • Battany, M.C. (2017). An evaluation of the temperature conditions inside vine grow tubes on cold nights. Proceedings of the 20th International Meeting of Viticulture GiESCO, Mendoza Argentina, Nov. 5 – Nov. 9, 2017. P. 563-566.
  • Battany, M.C. (2017). Evaluating regional reference evapotranspiration with atmometers and modeled values. Proceedings of the 20th International Meeting of Viticulture GiESCO, Mendoza Argentina, Nov. 5 – Nov. 9, 2017. P. 567-570.
  • Battany, M.C. (2015). An evaluation of sensors to estimate grape leaf temperature during frost risk period. Proceedings of the 19th International Meeting of Viticulture GiESCO, Pech Rouge – Montpellier, May 31 – June 5, 2015. P. 581-584.
  • Manuck, C.M.; Heller, N.; Battany, Mark Carl; Perry, Anji; McElrone, Andrew J. (2012). "Evaluating the potential of well profiling technology to limit irrigation water salinity in California vineyards." Applied Engineering in Agriculture 28(5): 657-664.
  • Battany, Mark Carl (2012). "Vineyard frost protection with upward-blowing wind machines." Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 157: 39-48.
  • Urbez-Torres, Jose; Battany, Mark Carl; Bettiga, Larry; Gispert, Carmen; McGourty, Glenn; Roncoroni, John; Smith, Rhonda; Verdegaal, Paul; Gubler, W. (2010). "Botryosphaeriaceae Species Spore Trapping Studies in California Vineyards." Plant Disease 94(6): 717-724.
  • Cooper, Monica L.; Daane, Kent M.; Nelson, E.H.; Varela, Lucia G.; Battany, Mark Carl; Tsutsui, N.D.; Rust, Michael K. (2008). "Liquid ant baits control Argentine ants sustainably in coastal vineyards." California Agriculture 62(4): 177-183.
  • Daane, Kent M.; Cooper, Monica L.; Sime, Karen R.; Nelson, E.H.; Battany, Mark Carl; Rust, Michael K. (2008). "Testing baits to control Argentine Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in vineyards." Journal of Economic Entomology 101(3): 699-709.
  • Battany, Mark Carl; Rowhani, A.; Golino, Deborah (2004). Syrah in California - Decline or Disorder? Practical Winery and Vineyard. May/June.
  • Gomez, Jose A.; Battany, Mark Carl; Renschler, C.S.; Fereres, Elias (2003). "Evaluating the impact of soil management on soil loss in olive orchards." Soil Use and Management 19(2): 127-134.
  • Battany, Mark Carl; Grismer, Mark E. (2000). "Development of a portable field rainfall simulator for use in hillside vineyard runoff and erosion studies." Hydrologic Processes 14: 1119-1129.
  • Battany, Mark Carl; Grismer, Mark E. (2000). "Rainfall runoff and erosion in Napa Valley vineyards: effects of slope, cover and surface roughness." Hydrologic Processes 14: 1289-1304.

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