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Kenneth A. Shackel

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Department of Plant Sciences
One Shields Avenue
3039 Wickson Hall
Davis, CA 95616
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2000 - Present Full Professor and Pomologist, Department of Plant Sciences/Pomology, University of California, Davis. Research emphasis on the water relations of fruit and nut crops. 1986 - 2000 Assistant/Associate Professor and Pomologist, Department of Pomology, University of California, Davis. Research emphasis on the water relations of fruit and nut crops. 1982 - 1986 Postdoctoral Research University of Bayreuth, West Germany, and Department of Viticulture and Enology, UC Davis. Studies focused on the use of the pressure probe to study the water relations of within-leaf water transport (Bayreuth) and the relationship of cellular turgor to leaf growth (UC Davis) 1976 - 1982 MS and Ph.D. program in Plant Physiology (environmental physiology with emphasis in water relations), UC Riverside.

Selected recent publications:

Abdel-Fattah, HM, KA Shackel, DC Slaughter. 2003a. Methodology for determining almond shaker displacement and frequency. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 19:141-144.

Abdel-Fattah, HM, KA Shackel, DC Slaughter. 2003b. Substantial vertical tree displacements occur during almond shaker harvesting. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 19:145-150.

Lampinen BD, Shackel KA, Southwick SM, Olson WH, DeJong TM (2004). Leaf and canopy level photosynthetic responses of French prune (Prunus domestica L. ‘French’) to stem water potential based deficit irrigation. Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology 79:638-644.

Kim SH, Shackel, KA, Lieth JH (2004). Bending alters water balance and reduces photosynthesis of rose shoots. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 129:896-2004.

Cao T, Duncan RA, McKenry MV, Shackel KA, DeJong T, and Kirkpatrick B (2005). The Interaction between Nitrogen Fertilized Peach Trees and the Expression of syrB, a Gene Involved in Syringomycin Production in Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae. Phytopathology (in press).

Shackel KA, Celorio Mancera MDLP, Ahmadi H, Greve LC, Teuber LR, Backus EA, and Labavitch JM. (2005). Micro injection of Lygus Salivary Gland Proteins to Simulate Feeding Damage in Alfalfa and Cotton Flowers. Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology 58:69–83.

Matthews, MA and Shackel, KA (2005). Growth and water transport in flesh fruit. In Vascular Transport in Plants ( N.M. Holbrook and M.A. Zwieniecki, eds.), pp. 189 197. Elsevier Academic Press, Boston, MA

J. J. James,, N. N. Alder, K. H. Mühling, A. E. Läuchli, K. A. Shackel, L. A. Donovan and J. H. Richards (2005). High apoplastic solute concentrations in leaves alter water relations of the halophytic shrub, Sarcobatus vermiculatus. Journal of Experimental Botany 2006 57(1):139-147.

Tyler, TR, Shackel KA and Matthews MA (2006). Direct in-situ measurement of cell turgor in grape (Vitis vinifera L.) berries during development and in response to plant water deficits. Plant, Cell Env. (in press).


Plant-based irrigation management, particularly in trees and vines. Use of the pressure chamber and stem water potential (SWP) as a measure of plant stress, and the use of stress to optimize productivity and save water.

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