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Dr. Ellen M. Bruno

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CE Specialist in Quantitative Policy Analysis
Agricultural & Resource Economics & Policy
223 Giannini Hall
Berkeley, CA, CA 94720 Create VCard


Agricultural economics, water resource economics

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Peer Reviewed

  • Bruno, Ellen M.; Jessoe, Katrina (In Press). Designing Water Markets for Climate Change Adaptation. Nature Climate Change.
  • Bruno, Ellen M.; Jessoe, Katrina, et al. (In Press). The Dynamic Impacts of Pricing Groundwater. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.
  • Bruce, Molly; Sherman, Luke, et al. (2023). Recharge Net Metering (ReNeM) is a Novel, Cost-effective Management Strategy to Incentivize Groundwater Recharge. Nature Water. 1, 855–863.
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  • Rupiper, Amanda; Weill, Joaquim, et al. (2022). Untapped Potential: Leak Reduction is the Most Cost-Effective Urban Water Management Tool. Environmental Research Letters. 17:3, 4021.
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  • Bruno, Ellen M.; Jessoe, Katrina (2021). Missing Markets: Evidence on Agricultural Water Demand from Volumetric Pricing. Journal of Public Economics. 196, 104374.
  • Bruno, Ellen M.; Jessoe, Katrina (2021). Using Price Elasticities of Water Demand to Inform Policy. Annual Review of Resource Economics. 13, 427-441.
  • Mishra, Ashok; Bruno, Ellen M., et al. (2020). Compound Natural and Human Disasters: Managing Drought and COVID-19 to Sustain Global Agriculture and Food Sectors. Science of the Total Environment. 754, 142210.
  • Saitone, Tina L.; Bruno, Ellen M. (2020). Cost Effectiveness of Livestock Guardian Dogs for Predator Control. Wildlife Society Bulletin. 44:1, 101-109.
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  • DeVincentis, Alyssa J.; Sandoval Solis, Sam, et al. (2020). Using Cost-Benefit Analysis to Understand Adoption of Winter Cover Cropping in California's Specialty Crop Systems. Journal of Environmental Management. 261, 110205.
  • Maples, Stephen; Bruno, Ellen, et al. (2018). Leveraging Hydrologic Accounting and Water Markets for Improved Water Management: The Case for a Central Clearinghouse. Water. 10:12, 1720.

Non-Peer Reviewed

  • Schlauch, Garrison; Bruno, Ellen, et al. (2023). Advancing a Collaborative Agenda to Meet California's Emergent Groundwater Management Needs. The Confluence Blog of the California Institute for Water Resources.
  • Wardle, Arthur R.; Bruno, Ellen (2023). Database of Demand Management Actions Under SGMA Goes Live. The Confluence Blog of the California Institute for Water Resources.
  • Bruno, Ellen M. (2023). From Drought to Deluge: Designing Groundwater Pricing Policies to Cope with California's Water Woes. ARE Update. 26:4, 1-3.
  • Friberg, Astrid B.; Wardle, Arthur R., et al. (2023). How is Demand Management Developing in SGMA Groundwater Sustainability Plans? ARE Update. 26:5, 5-8.
  • Light, Sarah; Bruno, Ellen, et al. (2023). UCCE Resources on the Economics of Cover Cropping in Annual Rotations. Sacramento Valley Field Crops Newsletter. 14. July.
  • Rupiper, Amanda; Weill, Joaquim, et al. (2022). Could Fixing Leaky Pipes Help Solve California's Water Problems? ARE Update. 25:4, 1-4.
  • Ayres, Andrew; Babbitt, Christina, et al. (2022). Designing Groundwater Markets in Practice: Lessons from Three California Groundwater Basins. The Future of Water Markets: Obstacles and Opportunities.S. Regan and E. Edwards. Property & Environment Research Center.
  • Bruno, Ellen M. (2022). Pricing Groundwater will Help Solve California's Water Problems. Knowable Magazine.
  • Bruno, Ellen M.; Schweizer, Heidi (2022). The Futures Market for California Water: Challenges and Policy Recommendations. The Future of Water Markets: Obstacles and Opportunities.S. Regan and E. Edwards. Property & Environment Research Center.
  • Wardle, Arthur R.; Griggs, Paige, et al. (2021). A Progress Report on California's Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. ARE Update. 24:3, 1-4.
  • Bruno, Ellen M. (2021). Identifying Policies to Mitigate the Costs of Drought. ARE Update. 25:1, 13-15.
  • Ayres, Andrew; Hanak, Ellen, et al. (2021). Improving California's Water Market: How Water Trading and Banking Can Support Groundwater Management. Public Policy Institute of California.
  • Bruno, Ellen M.; Goodrich, Brittney, et al. (2021). The Outlook for California's Almond Market. ARE Update. 24:6, 9-11.
  • Bruno, Ellen M.; Schweizer, Heidi (2021). Why Wall Street Investors' Trading California Water Futures is Nothing to Fear-- and Unlikely to Work Anyway. The Conversation.
  • Bruno, Ellen M.; DeVincentis, Alyssa J., et al. (2020). Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Winter Cover Cropping in California. ARE Update. 23:6, 9-11.
  • Bruno, Ellen M.; Sexton, Richard J., et al. (2020). The Coronavirus and the Food Supply Chain. ARE Update. 23:4, 1-4.
  • Bruno, Ellen M.; Saitone, Tina L. (2019). Livestock Guardian Dogs: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs for Sheep Producers? ARE Update. 22:6, 9-11.
  • Bruno, Ellen M.; Ayres, Andrew, et al. (2019). Managing Flood Water for Aquifer Recharge: Economic Considerations for Policy. Global Water Forum.
  • Bruno, Ellen M.; Zilberman, David (2019). What Does the 2018 Farm Bill Mean for California and the Environment? Spotlight on the Conservation Programs. ARE Update. 22:3, 6-8.
  • Bruno, Ellen M.; Jessoe, Katrina (2018). Climate Change and California's Water Supply: How Can We Adapt? ARE Update. 22:1, 1-3.
  • Bruno, Ellen M. (2018). The Economic Impacts of Agricultural Groundwater Markets. ARE Update. 21:6, 9-11.
  • Bruno, Ellen M. (2017). California's New Groundwater Law and the Implications for Groundwater Markets. ARE Update. 20:4, 1-4.

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