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Ted Grantham

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Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist
ESPM - Ecosystem Sciences
130 Mulford Hall #3114
Berkeley, CA 94720-3114
510-664-4664 Create VCard


climate, water management and freshwater ecology

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Peer Reviewed

  • Howard, Jeanette K; Klausmeyer, Kirk R, et al. (2015). "Patterns of freshwater species richness, endemism, and vulnerability in California." PloS one 10(7): e0130710.
  • Poff, N LeRoy; Brown, Casey M, et al. (2015). "Sustainable water management under future uncertainty with eco-engineering decision scaling." Nature Climate Change
  • Grantham, Theodore E; Viers, Joshua H (2014). "100 years of California’s water rights system: patterns, trends and uncertainty." Environmental Research Letters 9(8): 084012.
  • Quinones, Rebecca M; Grantham, Theodore E, et al. (2014). "Dam removal and anadromous salmonid (Oncorhynchus spp.) conservation in California." Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 25(1): 195-215.
  • Grantham, Theodore E; Viers, Joshua H, et al. (2014). "Systematic screening of dams for environmental flow assessment and implementation." BioScience: biu159.
  • Grantham, TE; Mezzatesta, M, et al. (2013). "Evaluating tradeoffs between environmental flow protections and agricultural water security." River Research and Applications
  • Kondolf, G Mathias; Podolak, Kristen, et al. (2013). "Restoring mediterranean-climate rivers." Hydrobiologia 719(1): 527-545.
  • Grantham, Theodore E (2013). "Use of hydraulic modelling to assess passage flow connectivity for salmon in streams." River Research and Applications 29: 250-267.
  • Grantham, Theodore E; Figueroa, Ricardo, et al. (2013). "Water management in mediterranean river basins: a comparison of management frameworks, physical impacts, and ecological responses." Hydrobiologia 719(1): 451-482.
  • Grantham, Theodore E; Cañedo-Argüelles, Miguel, et al. (2012). "A mesocosm approach for detecting stream invertebrate community responses to treated wastewater effluent." Environmental pollution 160: 95-102.
  • Cañedo-Argüelles, Miguel; Grantham, Theodore E, et al. (2012). "Response of stream invertebrates to short-term salinization: a mesocosm approach." Environmental Pollution 166: 144-151.
  • Grantham, Theodore E; Newburn, David A, et al. (2012). "The role of streamflow and land use in limiting oversummer survival of juvenile steelhead in California streams." Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 141(3): 585-598.
  • Grantham, Theodore E.; Merenlender, Adina M, et al. (2010). "Climatic influences and anthropogenic stressors: an integrated framework for streamflow management in Mediterranean‐climate California, USA." Freshwater Biology 55: 188-204.

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