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Michael V. McKenry Ph.D.

Photo of Michael V McKenry Ph.D.
Emeritus Nematologist and CE Nematology Specialist, Emeritus
Kearney Agricultural Center
9240 S. Riverbend Ave.
Parlier, CA CA 93648
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Ph.D., University of California, Riverside, 1972

Research Statement
My area of study is the nematodes of tree and vine crops. One major goal of my research is development of nematode pathogenicity data. That work has focused on an understanding of the damage caused by Meloidogyne spp., Pratylenchus vulnus, Xiphinema spp., Mesocriconema xenoplax and Tylenchulus semipenetrans. Ancillary to understanding nematode damage is development of nematode management tools. Our search for “Broad Nematode Resistance” among grape cultivars began in 1987. A search for resistance to P. vulnus and Meloidogyne spp among existing walnut cultivars has been underway since 1998. Beginning in 1982 I have worked intermittently with aqueous extracts of various plant materials to be used as nematicides. Extracts of primary interest have come from marigold, poppy, vetch and walnut. In 1990 my efforts shifted to development of commercial methods for drenching non-fuming nematicidal agents in large volumes of water. By 1997 we had proven this approach to be successful with conventional nematicides such as metam sodium and 1,3-dichloropropene and our effort has now shifted to drenching of nematicidal extracts.

Our search for methyl bromide alternatives began in 1991. Successful alternatives are essential for the California nursery industry, which must be relied upon for nematode-free nursery stock. We must also have a methyl bromide alternative for sites where trees or vines will be replanted. In field situations where no methyl bromide alternatives exist there will be an increased demand for post-plant nematicides, an area of renewed interest.


Field pathogenicity and practical control of nematodes in perennial crops

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