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California Agriculture
California Agriculture
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California Agriculture

Dr. James D. Oster PhD

Emeritus CE Soil & Water Specialist
Center for Water Resources
POB 1344
Graeagle, CA 96103
(909) 224-6785 Create VCard


Work Information

Location: Riverside Campus
Program Area: Soil and Water

Other Information

Significant Other: Karen Oster
Interests: "consulting, editor-in-chief at an international journal, 1928 Dodge car restoration."
County: Plumas County
Notes: "Attended Napa Retiree Reunion, Oct. 8-10, 2003."


*Please contact me via Email* Diagnosis and solution to water penetration problems, reclamation of saline, sodic and boron affected soils, water quality impacts on soils and plants, environmental impact of irrigated agriculture

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